Benefits of accepting credit card payments through Vantage

The top five reasons to accept credit card payments using CashFlow Complete, powered by Vantage Merchant Services:

Top 5 Benefits

1. Multiple ways to get paid

  • Your customers can pay their invoices by credit card in your branded payments portal and even set the invoices up for Auto Pay
  • If you prefer to charge your customers yourself, you have to option to enter and charge their credit card using the CashFlow Complete service too

2. Deep Integration

  • Invoices paid by credit card are seamlessly integrated between Vantage and CashFlow Complete
  • All the invoices and payments details sync to your accounting software
  • If your customer asks about a charge, we'll have an answer

3. Pricing

  • Vantage offers simple and affordable pricing
  • Apply in as little as 5 minutes

4. Support

  • CashFlow Complete and Vantage work closely together to provide phenomenal end-to-end support

5. No Risk with Month-to-Month Agreements

  • Both the Vantage and the CashFlow Complete subscriptions are month-to-month

Sign Up

Signing up is easy and automated. To request a quote, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to CashFlow Complete
  2. Select Settings
  3. We're currently rolling out a fresh new look for our Settings page, so you may see one of 2 designs. Please follow the steps that match what your Settings page looks like.

    Select Merchant Account under Your Company if your Settings page looks like this: Settings Page

    Select Merchant Account under Bank & Payment Accounts if your Settings page looks like this: New Settings Page

Things to know

  • The Require csc code setting within Vantage needs to be set to no
  • Credit card payments you accept through CashFlow Complete using a Vantage account will be deposited to your default CashFlow Complete bank account